• When Roger's life flashed before his eyes, we see that he attended a protest rally against the racial integration of the University of Alabama which originally occurred in 1963, was partially responsible for the "EL Valdez", a riff on the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and created Jar-Jar Binks for George Lucas.
  • It is revealed the Principal Lewis' first name is Brian.
  • Cristofani's "Shake it Up" plays in the bar with Roger.
  • The song that plays as Roger sees what Stan does with Andy Dick is "Honey Dove" by Lee Fields and the Expressions.
  • The theme of Magnum, P.I. plays when Roger finds his fanny pack and later during the chase.
  • When Roger is taking Stan to get his special salve in Area 51, they pass by a stasis tank holding Gertie, the racist old lady Stan claims is an alien to save Roger in "Roger Codger". However, in "100 A.D.", she was on the doomed bus.
  • As Hayley states in this episode that the life debt is repaid, but in "Office Spaceman", Stan saves Roger from being dissected. Thus saving his life and repaying the life debt.
  • The same Eight Is Enough pinball machine that My Morning Jacket was trying to fix on their tour bus in "My Morning Straitjacket" appears in the bar with Roger.

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