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Roger and Francine sitting outside

You Debt Your Life
Roger moves out of the house after an argument with Stan and is replaced.

Season: 6 Episode: 12
Total Episode Count: 108
Prod. no.: 5AJN09
First Aired: February 20, 2011

Featuring: Stan Smith, Roger
Also Appearing: Steve, Francine, Hayley, Klaus, Barry, Snot, Toshi, Principal Lewis, Zack, Todd, Miles, Tracy, Nathan, Pandora, Melissa, Vince Chung, Gertie, Miss DeGaul, David, Andrew, Andy Dick, George Lucas, Jar Jar Binks, Joseph Hazelwood
Director: Chris Bennett

Assistant Director: Tomi Yamaguchi
Writers: Erik Sommers
Storyboarders: Dante Fabiero, Ralph Fernan, Eric Fredrickson

Roger's Disguise: Chinese Delivery Guy from "Camp Refoogee"

Sc655 2A-0007

After a night of drinking and causing trouble, Roger runs out of a bar and into the path of an oncoming bus only to be saved at the last moment by Stan. When Hayley points out that Stan has saved Roger after Roger saved him during their escape from Area 51 and they are now even, Klaus drops the suggestion that Roger doesn't have to stay any longer. Roger dismisses the idea at first but Stan latches on to it and Roger moves out of the house. At first Stan misses Roger, but when Francine talks Roger into returning, they find Stan has replaced Roger with Andy Dick. Roger believes Stan would ditch Andy and return to him but Stan refuses despite Andy acting every bit as obnoxiously as Roger. A depressed Roger moves into the YMCA where Francine finds him. She suggests Roger try to remind Stan of all the good times they had together and Roger decides to try to meet with Stan at the zoo without Andy around. Stan meets Roger at the zoo but has brought Andy with him, spoiling Roger's chance. When Roger comes to the conclusion that he needs to save Stan's life so he'll owe him again, he pushes Stan into the polar bear enclosure. However, Roger and Andy fight over rescuing Stan and the polar bear eats Stan's legs. Roger decides he can save Stan by recovering his fanny pack back at Area 51 that he dropped during their first escape. Roger loads Stan into the car and drives him to Arizona. Working his way past the guards with an unconscious Stan, Roger locates his fanny pack and applies his salve to Stan's legs causing them to grow back but with tiny baby legs at first. They are discovered and Roger is recognized. Escaping from the guards, Stan pulls Roger into a laundry chute to avoid the grenades thrown at them. Roger is depressed because Stan no longer owes him a life debt again, but Stan admits he prefers Roger to Andy and agrees to take him back. They attempt to dump Andy out on the highway but are shocked when he starts chasing them, only to pass them up to rob a pharmacy.


Meanwhile Steve and his friends have trouble when Zack the public address announcer at school won't read their message about their sci fi club. Attempting to get their announcement read while Zack is making the announcements, Zack goes into a tirade the entire school hears and Principal Lewis replaces him with Steve. The power soon gets to Steve and his friends plot to get him kicked off in the same manner as Zack. Snot and Barry each take a turn, and quickly lose control as well, all gaining God complexes. Principal Lewis removes all students from announcements but is caught talking about his past as a drug runner with the microphone on.

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