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Yao Ming

Yao Ming (born September 12, 1980) is a retired Chinese professional basketball player who played professionally in the US for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

Yao appears in "Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad Of Billy Jesusworth", originally to be Stan's partner in a two-on-two basketball to counter Roger and Shaquille O'Neal. However, Shaq and Yao decide to team up, leaving Stan and Roger to try to beat them. After Stan teaches Roger how to play "old style," they make it to the finals where Shaq is taken out by an injury leaving Yao to play alone. It comes down to one last shot and Stan convinces Roger to use his signature move one last time. As he pivots, his leg completely snaps, impaling Yao's leg as well and Stan makes the shot unimpeded. As Stan and Roger later celebrate their victory, Klaus plots with Shaq, Yao and others of Roger's old crew to take them down the following year.

Yao is voiced by Lei Yin.