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  • This episode has a mock celebration of American Dad's 1000th "Vagina Joke" after Roger jokes about the look of a pomegranate. Roger gives a short speech to commemorate the moment during the celebration of most of the series characters behind the scenes.
  • This episode's B-story is literally about bees.
  • Roger has a persona he calls "Roger Smith, pretend psychiatrist". He would later adopt the persona of "Dr. Penguin" in "Dr. Klaustus" for such duties.
  • In the background of the basement, you can see a Jack the 4th of July Bear "Cele-bear-tions" bear Stan made in "American Dream Factory".
  • Craig's relocation to Laos is a nod to the history of CIA activities in Laos.
  • While in therapy, Roger refers to Stan as Mr. Soprano of The Sopranos. Roger quotes Jennifer Melfi from The Sopranos.
  • Stan and Steve identify Steve's hair color as ginger. Hayley would later be grossed out when Steve gets a red pubic hair in "1600 Candles".
  • Roger's phone number is claimed to be "KLondike 5-2487", indicating the phone number is fictional. The modern equivalent would be 555-2487.
  • Stan admits that his favorite movie is The 'Burbs. This is an in-joke as Wendy Schaal starred in The 'Burbs and voices Francine on American Dad!.
  • After Stan went to Laos, he was sitting with Craig and Pyung on a beach, but Laos is a landlocked country.

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