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Why Can't We Be Friends?
Stan tries to split Steve and Snot's friendship when he finds Snot not cool enough.

Season: 8 Episode: 05
Total Episode Count: 138
Prod. no.: 7AJN06
First Aired: December 2, 2012

Guest Starring: Susie Essman
Featuring: Stan, Steve, Snot
Also Appearing: Roger, Jeff Fischer, Hayley, Francine, Bobby, Kim, Reshma, Susie, Dennis, Timmy Johnson, Melissa, Earl, Mrs. Lonstein, Darnell, Nutsy
Director: Jansen Yee

Assistant Director: Megan Kelly
Writers: Jonathan Fener
Storyboarders: Jim Feeley, Eric Fredrickson

Roger's Disguise: Chicken farmer from "Pulling Double Booty"


When Stan arrives home to find Steve and Snot playing air guitar, he begins to get suspicious that Snot is holding back his son and forbids him from seeing Snot. The two ignore Stan's demands and continue to play together. Stan sets up a fake gang hit with Snot as a witness and sends him off into a witness protection program. Snot calls and tells Steve that he had to move to Wyoming with Stan's orchestrations hoping that his son will move beyond Snot.

While Stan has really set up Snot with an apartment and a cover story for his mom, Steve misses his friend and writes him wanting Stan to mail the letters. When Stan makes a grocery run for Snot, he stays for dinner and a sleepover. In the dark, they begin to bond. When Steve finds his unmailed letters to Snot, Hayley reveals that he was tricked the same as she once was. He rushes to Snot's apartment to find his father playing air guitar with Snot.


Snot finds out the truth but Stan and he still keep their friendship over Steve's objections. As Snot tries to keep the pair as friends, they begin to compete for Snot's attention. Steve finally finds he can't compete with his father's money and gives up, leaving the two of them together but Snot has also gotten tired of hanging out with Stan. One day they both see Snot playing air guitar by himself and when Steve wonders who he came to play with, Stan sends Steve knowing the truth that Snot is really Steve's friend.

Meanwhile, Jeff cleans Roger's attic for money but Roger robs him in the hallway outside of his and Hayley's room. As Jeff gets more money, Roger continues to rob him. Roger pushes things too far and is shot repeatedly by a brutalized Jeff.

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