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Stan: Sorry, Francine, what did you ask me?
Steve: I asked you to let go of my wrist.
Stan: You tried to take a waffle, and I'm first waffle guy.

Steve: You don't know anything about being a flight attendant.
Roger: But I do know comedy, and that's all that matters at Southwest.
Hayley: With you there, people should check their sensitivities at the gate.
Roger: Oh my God, that's like a perfect Southwest joke! I want that joke!

Francine: When you're married to a sexy man, there's always gonna be some bush league snizz trying to storm the castle.

Stan: My pants just ripped again.
Francine: How?! You're just sitting there.
Stan: I got a weird ass.

Klaus: I've been experimenting with steroids. It's awesome! Now I wear tank tops with the thinnest straps you've ever seen.

Francine: What am I doing?! Drinking Windex and fertilizer and talking to the voices in my head?! This ends now!

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