• The nightclub Stan and Roger go to is properly named "DÜSH". Since an umlaut above a letter generally has the purpose of changing the pronunciation, the reference for the night club is to make it sound like the word "douche", since that generally the best description for nightclub patrons.
  • This episode aired nearly a month after it's sister show Family Guy with a similar story "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey" where both wives of the show make the commitment to allow there husbands to have intercourse with another woman. interestingly enough Francine was eventually broken hearted even though she had sex with thousands of guys, and in contrast to Lois who was going to approve of Peter's decision to choose her mother Barbara of all people.
  • In "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives", the "LadyBugs" look down on Francine due to her normal boring uneventful life. This episode clearly shows that Francine has most likely had more sexual encounters than anyone in the United States. All of these encounters happened before she married Stan, and her normal life came from a lack of meaningful events since her marriage.
  • Joanna is the third wife Stan has had in the series, the others being Francine and "Thundercat" in "Stan of Arabia: Part 1" and "Stan of Arabia: Part 2".
  • Steve's addiction to the energy drink is strikingly similar to a methamphetamine addiction. This includes his increased energy, fascination with assembling and disassembling objects, jaw clenching, skin picking, and sleeplessness. Toshi even says he's "chasing the orange dragon", which is an archaic slang term for abusing drugs.
  • Steve sings "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory when dancing on the kitchen table.
  • In the third and final room of the hotel Francine checks, she sees a man with a frog. This is the same man and frog that were seen briefly in the pilot episode in the science lab.
  • This episode shows once again the dark evil side of Barry last seen in "With Friends Like Steve's". During this episode while having an "intervention" Steve's friends want to talk some sense into him "or more likely beat it out of him!" during the beating Barry for no apparent reason says "let's kill his parents next, let's kill them all!" albeit in his simple minded voice not the cool calculating alter ego voice as before.

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