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When a Stan Loves a Woman
Francine divorces Stan so he can have meaningless sex and he falls in love.

Season: 2 Episode: 16
Total Episode Count: 39
Prod. no.: 2AJN23
First Aired: April 29, 2007

Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Joanna
Also Appearing: Steve, Hayley, Klaus, Roger, Barry, Toshi, Snot, Captain Monty, Susie, Daniella, Patrick, Manny
Musical Numbers: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), Do Me In The Bathroom

Director: Rodney Clouden

Assistant Director: Jennifer Graves
Writers: Rick Wiener, Kenny Schwartz
Storyboarders: John O'Day, Kevin Thresher

Newspaper Headline: "Airlines to Screen Emotional Baggage"

Sex Garden Magazine

Stan visits Francine's "sex garden", which contains a rose bush for every man she's ever had sex with...and which turns out to be the biggest sex garden in North America. Stan, who has never had sex with anyone but Francine in his life, becomes so disturbed by this that he cannot stand having sex with Francine and begins to experience erectile dysfunction. Francine tells him that though she has had sex with numerous men, she never loved any of them but Stan, and that sex with someone you do not love is no big deal, and even suggests that he have sex with another woman so that he can see that. He refuses, saying that even with her permission he cannot cheat on her. She then legally divorces Stan, so that he can have sex with another woman and the two can then remarry.

Stan goes out clubbing at DÜSH with Roger, who has mastered the ability to attract floozies who he treats like dirt; however, Stan finds no success and leaves. Soon after, he goes to the shooting range where he gets into a competition with a woman named Joanna over who is better with firearms; the event culminates with them shooting each other, then going out to dinner (both were wearing bullet proof vests). They have a romantic evening, which Stan then goes home and tells Francine about. When she objects, saying he is just supposed to have meaningless sex with another woman, he explains he's "easing into it." As he calls Joanna on the phone and goes on picnics with her, Francine begins to realize that Stan is not so much interested in sleeping with Joanna as he is falling in love with her, and becomes worried. To her horror, Stan and Joanna wind up spontaneously getting married, which Stan justifies by pointing out that they are, technically, divorced.

When Joanna and Stan go on their "honeymoon," Francine is determined to stop them and rushes to the hotel. However, after searching all the rooms with occupants named "Smith," she cannot find them. However, just as Stan is about to start having sex with Joanna, he is shown hesitating.

Meanwhile, Francine is in the bar, depressed that she is now single and will have to endure the sleazy men that come with it. However, Stan shows up, rescuing her from one such sleazy man, and tells Francine that, as he was about to have sex with Joanna, all he was able to think about was her. Francine is overjoyed that Stan did not sleep with Joanna, and tells Stan she now realizes how he felt when he saw her giant sex garden. However, Stan then tells her that he did sleep with Joanna; five times in fact, but happily tells Francine that as she said, having sex with someone you don't love was completely meaningless. Francine is stunned.

Meanwhile, Steve tries a new energy drink of Hayley's, and quickly becomes addicted to it. As he runs out of money, he resorts to begging, panhandling and then conning, as he tricks his friends to paying him for fake Battlestar Galactica On Ice tickets. Later the friends hold an intervention for him where they beat him senseless as revenge. Steve then goes to live with Joanna, who got primary custody of Steve as well as most of the Smith's possessions in the divorce proceedings with Stan.

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