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"When I Was His Alien" is sung by Roger in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial" when he feels that Steve doesn't like him anymore.



Roger: When I was his alien

And the world was young and gay

He thought I was as interesting

As teddy bears were cute

When I was his alien

Every day was Tanqueray

Every night Bacardi

And the twilight Absolut

Through the winter and the spring

We'd make a game of everything

Chowing down on dunkaroos

And watching Ricki Lake

But now he's older, breaking free

He'd rather play with boobs than me

I can't believe our special bond must break

Now I'm not his alien

What we had must finally end

I'm useless

As a car on bricks

Atop a redneck's lawn

Now I'm not his alien

Sadness is my only friend

But life...



Well that didn't solve anything. Guess I'll just go out and get hammered.

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