Wheels and the Legman are the recurring alter-egos of Steve and Roger respectively. They are a crime-solving duo created by the two while watching Tex and Mex, about a crime-solving duo with conflicting personalities but work well together. However, upon the creation of the characters, initially, both Roger and Steve wanted to be "Wheels". They settle on Steve when he notes something suspicious about Roger's "angel" partner. They later re-team to search for Hayley's iPod.

In "100 A.D.", Klaus notes that every single "mystery" follows this formula:

1. They see a mystery to solve
2. They bicker and argue for the entire episode
3. The culprit always turns out to be Roger

At that point, the two become stuck for a plotline, until they hear about Hayley and Jeff Fischer eloping and Stan giving away $50,000 to whoever can find them.

Roger pins the full name of "Squirt "Wheels" Cinnabon" on Steve in "Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key", a reference to elements of the plot of The Usual Suspects being strung together by objects within sight of the narrator, in this case, a bottle of Squirt soda and a Cinnabon box.

Appearances of Wheels and the Legman

Klaus and Jeff parody "Wheels and the Legman" as "Fish and the Jeffman" in "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six" until they are sued for copyright infringement by Roger.

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