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"We Got His Money" is sung by the Smith's revival-style as they celebrate when Roger's rich persona of Max Jets drops over dead at his wedding to Gina after she reveals that she insisted on a prenuptial agreement to keep her from inheriting his money in "Max Jets".


All: We got his money

We got his money

The good Lord gave us his money

Thank You

Stan: Ow!

Pray to Jesus

Stan: Ha!

For giving us all of that money

Stan: Oh!

Hayley and Steve: Yeah!

Stan: Baby Jesus!

Steve: Yeah!

Stan: Baby Jesus!

Hayley: Yeah!

Stan: Baby Jesus!

Francine: Yeah!

Stan: Baby Jesus!

(Stan pauses over Max's corpse)

Stan: Sing the song Max Jetsss...ah

Oh, you can't...ah

'Cause you're dead...ah