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"We've Been Bad" is sung by Steve and Krampus in "Minstrel Krampus" when the household items in Krampus' Castle show Steve that the Krampus only punishes naughty children in an effort to correct their bad ways, not of of pleasure for himself.


Krampus: With a smack to the forehead

And a poke in the eye

I beat a lot of childrens in my lifetime...oh yeah!

But the truth of the matter is

I've been hurting inside, wish I could rewind

Yeah!, Oooo, ohhhh!

When I'm breakin' the finger

Lawd, it breakin' my heart

And every Christmas Eve my soul is always torn apart

Steve: Hey, wait a second dude

I feel as bad as you

I don't want to live like this no more, I wish that I could start over new

Krampus: Damn, I feel just like you do

Steve: Oh, I know that we've been bad

Together: But we don't want this sad no more

Sad's a drag

Steve: 'Cause I miss mom and dad

Krampus: And I miss my baby Sheila

Sheila, why you leave? You left me on my own

All out in the cold, a dollar to my name

And dirty as Baltimore

And next time that I see you, I'm going to kill you

Wooww, Sheila, I'm sorry baby. I love you.