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Greg and the other Log Cabin Republicans performed this song in "Lincoln Lover" when Stan questioned the idea of being both gay and Republican. 



Greg: It's impossible, you say, to be Republican and gay

But, baby, like Virginia Slims we've come a long, long way

It once was thought to be a fairy meant

voting for Bill or Kerry

But not today!

We're red and we're gay

Jeff and Paul like hot pectorals

And good old-fashioned Christian morals

Hey hey, hey, hey

We're red and we're gay

All: Our loafers are light

But we still vote for the right

It's true we can't wed,

but we support the Fed

We like each other's butts

and big ol' spending cuts

Man: We like to pack fudge and heat

Greg: Big long guns with ivory handles

Go well with my scented candles

Yay, NRA

Let's take a spa day

All: Your skin looks so toned

Now spritz with fancy cologne

These pants make you slim

U.S. defense we won't trim

Have a pastry or two,

we'll get a trainer for you

Greg: Have you met hot Andrew?

Andrew: Eva Longoria is a client and a close personal friend.

Greg: Oh, it's fun to do things our way

Don't take our word ask Ernie, Bert or Manet

All: We're red and we're gay

we're red and we're gay

We're red and we're gay

We're red and we're gay

We're red and we're gay...

We're red and we're gay!