Wallace Davenport was a member of the CIA until he was shot and killed while in the trunk of a car in "Gift Me Liberty".

Prior to his death, he participated in the annual CIA "evil Santa" gift exchange, picking up a pizza slice sleeping bag. When Avery Bullock is shorted his gift because someone forgot to bring one, he commissions Stan to find the Scrooge. After roughing up his co-workers, Stan realizes that he was the one who forgot to bring a gift but is afraid to tell Bullock. He engages Roger's help, but is advised to pin the blame on the next agent killed, which happens to be Davenport.

At the funeral, Bullock announces that he is cutting Davenport's wife and two children off from his pension, including sick daughter Katie, leaving Stan undecided as to what to do. Despite Roger's advice to maintain his lie, he vows to the family to help them and takes a second job at first, then tries to sell both sperm and blood for faster cash until he is near death. Giving in, he tells Bullock the truth to discover that an entire year has passed and another "evil Santa" is underway.

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