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[Stan comes in, dressed for the ball game]
Stan: Good morning, kiddo. Sorry again about missing your birthday. What do you say I take you to a ball game?
[holds up tickets]
Steve: Sorry, man. Got other plans.
Stan: What's the problem? I'm trying to bond with him.
Francine: Well, you're too late. Steve's at the age where he doesn't care about going to a ball game with his dad. All he's interested in is girls. He doesn't want ball games, he just wants to ball dames. Huh? Huh?
Stan: Ahh. [laughs] Ah-hah. Ohh.

[Stan's cell phone rings, he answers]
Stan: Hello?
Francine: [on the line] Bitch, did you just hang up on...

Klaus: Oh my God! That was such a hot burp!

Klaus: You're really gonna kill five people over $20?
Roger: Are you really asking that to the guy who, just last week, killed six people over $19?
Klaus: Oh, yeah.

Francine: [About Steve] You might've missed his first fourteen years, but you can still be there for his next fourteen.
Stan: He's gonna die at twenty-eight?
Francine: Maybe, maybe sooner.

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