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Hello everyone, I really enjoy this show. Despite not be as funny as Family Guy, I really love it anyway. It takes itself a little more seriously than Family Guy. But the pilot almost has a Family Guy feel to it when Bush was talking to God on the phone.

Francine is hot! I like her because she's blonde (I know its bleach, but still blonde nonetheless) and wears that pink dress. She also looks hot in "Dungeons and Wagons", she looks like a floozy. She kicked ass in "Wife Insurance"! I find it hot that Francine is watching her daughter Hayley pole-dancing with her boobs exposed in "Stan Knows Best"! I like how 80s she looked when she lost her memory in "Francine's Flashback", she looks sexy in those stirrup pants and had her hair messy!

I also like Hayley, an extreme environmentalist hippie chick wearing sandals. I like to see her and Debbie as best friends because they have so much in common - they even have the same hair. She was sexy when she turned into a psycho in "Haylias".

I like the running gag with Linda Memari having feelings for Francine who remains clueless. I hope they continue with that. She could be the "Smithers" of the show. I also hope that they would continue with the Ladybugs being Francine's enemies since "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives". My favorite part was the women chasing after Francine! This is probably why she doesn't seem to have any friends among the women in town, because they're all Ladybugs and are watching Francine if she spills their secret.

In "When a Stan Loves a Woman", I like the part where Roger's floozies sit with Francine when she was crying, trying to comfort her. The one sitting on the couch with her is touching her hand. I like when the old lady ask if she was a hooker. WHAT? I also like the scene where Francine is sitting in a bar drinking, depressed, realizing that she's single now and will have to endure the advances from strange men.

I hope they continue the "Roger's jewel-encrusted golden turd" side-story we saw in "Homeland Insecurity" and "Failure is not a Factory-Installed Option". They're probably going somewhere with this, I hope its interesting. My favorite part is the one with the cop and his wife. For a woman in her 50s or 60s, the cop's wife looks pretty hot! I guess its her short hair. She kinda looks like Aunt May from Ultimate Spider-Man.
What I think will happen next is we'll see Marylin end up in the streets of Boca Raton, as a tired woman who wears too much make-up, wearing a risqué dress and high-heels, smokes a lot (and constantly coughing, possibly lung cancer), an alcoholic, and a gambling. She grew her hair more. She also wears earrings and a necklace. She lost all ties to her family and her old life. She only ends up alone and in despair over killing her husband. At first she blames her husband for not keeping the gold-turd like she said, but eventually comes to realize he was right - it really is cursed, and its making her do this to herself. She wished she listened to him and missed him very much. Her tears are running down her mascara. I think in her delirium she might walk into an alley where she comes across a group of prostitutes. These hookers are known to rob people (but they mostly like to rob women), and then beat them to death. They start to surround her. They start making catcalls on her, calling her "grandma", "bitch", "slut", "granny", etc. They draw out their guns and knives, and were about to gang up on her. Panicking, Marylin plead for her life - she'll give them the gold-turd if they'll just let her go and leave her alone. Bedazzled they decided take the gold-turd, but they lied about leaving her alone. They start to beat her to death, laughing as she yelled for help and mercy, but just ends up crying. They stopped and walked away snickering at what they did, but not before the leader french-kissed Marylin in her last moment. A last tear falls from her eye as they left. The next day her bloodied and bruised body was found. The papers say "an old lady found dead in the gutters", ironically that's what Marylin always worried her husband was going to end up.

I've notice in "Stan Knows Best", there's a blonde stripper dressed like a sexy French maid. In "A Smith In The Hand", Francine is dressed like a sexy French maid. See where I'm getting at?

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