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Union Station is the location of a locker that Roger and Steve need to locate to solve the mystery of a young man's inheritance in "Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key".

When they take a case to locate a mysterious locker containing a young man's inheritance, Stan ruins the fun by being extremely incompetent and fouls up a lead in their case. After Stan is kidnapped and a ransom note is sent demanding the key, Roger and Steve return to their previous lead and convince the clerk to reveal the key fits a locker at the train station, complete with the address, locker number and instructions on the key. At the station, they find the locker and discover a satchel inside that glows when they open it. When the case is settled, Steve is left to tell their previous client the bad news that the young man who's legacy is simply a light up empty bag.

This episode's Union Station is modeled after the Union Station in Denver, Colorado.