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Trish and Suze, aka "The Sizzle", are the hosts of Morning Mimosa, a daytime talk show that specializes in humiliating its guests, and getting their audience drunk to attack them.

In "Morning Mimosa", Steve creates a series of Youtube videos for cooking while posing as an orphan when a spat between himself and Francine escalates after he curses her, causing her to ignore him until he can do things on his own, which in turn causes him to reject her back.

Steve's videos get him an invitation to the show, but when he finds that the audience has no pity even for him, he creates the wrong dish. Francine arrives to defend him, but Suze encourages the audience to attack both of them, causing them to follow pair of escaped monkeys to the W-ANG Studios newsroom where they fall through the ceiling during Greg and Terry's newscast.

Roger is nearly exposed on the show for his multiple personas by Hayley in "The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba", but manages to escape to "find himself" spiritually.

The pair award Snot with a three-day "celebration" due to being poor, having been recommended by Steve in "Roger's Baby". But when the latter finds that Snot resents being treated as poor, the two conspire to hide on the third day. Their efforts send Trish and Suze into a frenzy at having their event ruined, as they chase the pair for the day.

In "Paranoid Frandroid", Stan is revealed to have purchased the show and runs it to keep Francine blissfully unaware of the real world's dangers. They host Scott, a bird expert in "Shell Game".

Trish was to be a panelist for the Mayoral election in "Railroaded" before the segment is cut short. Both appear during "Everyone is Happy in Utopia" in "300".

The Smith family appears on the show where they get trashed for trying to recreate humanity based on a nut commercial after losing their memories in "Gold Top Nuts".

They attend the sex parties in "The Grounch" and Francine appears on their show in "Productive Panic".

Casey Wilson provides the voice of Trish while June Diane Raphael provides the voice of Suze.