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Travis Bowe
Bowe too

Travis Bowe was a pilot that Francine was engaged to before she met Stan. In "Choosy Wives Choose Smith", Stan becomes insecure knowing that Francine was interested in someone else before him and flys off with Roger to meet him. When they locate him at Bowe's Ranch, they find he is a wealthy, successful cowboy. He sets up a dinner between Francine and Travis, but Francine repeatedly states she loves Stan and Stan is satisfied until Roger convinces him that he must disappear to see if Francine will stay faithful to him. They fake crashing into the ocean, when they were actually hiding at a remote CIA island. His plan is to disappear for two months and see if Francine remains loyal until he returns, having installed cameras throughout the house to make sure. However, a tsunami hits the island on their second day, destroying everything and reducing it to a tiny desert with only a palm tree. Francine tells Travis that she must move on with her life and Travis moves in. When Stan and Roger finally get off the island, they return home to find Travis there but Francine reveals she knew all along that Stan was faking the disappearance because she found the poorly hidden cameras. Travis is surprised and angry because he realizes the reason why she refused to sleep with him and leaves the house, saying the Smith's deserved each other.

Travis appears in the audience in "Phantom of the Telethon".

Travis is voiced by Brooks Gardner while real Travis Bowe voices Travis Bowe's ranch hand