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Tracy is Jessica's friend from Rutgers University. In "Spring Break-Up", she drunkenly dismisses Stan while Jessica convinces him to get into the spirit of things. She becomes even more snarky when Stan follows Jessica to Rutgers to try to convince her to come back and keep partying. She even one-ups Stan and Francine when Stan introduces Francine as a senior and she responds with "Yeah, senior citizen".

Tracy appears with Jessica again in "May the Best Stan Win", "100 A.D." and also appears looking at Andy Dick in the mall in "You Debt Your Life".

She also appears on the beach in "Killer Vacation", at the Pearl Bailey High School French Club fashion show in "Mean Francine" and the dog race at Langley Derby Racetrack in "Fleabiscuit".

Tracy is seen on campus at Groff Community College in "Pride Before the Fail".

Tracy is voiced by Missi Pyle.