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Tracey Bryant is Principal Lewis's former prison cellmate. In "The Worst Stan", Stan Smith arranges for his release from prison to be at Principal Lewis' wedding to school superintendent Ellen Riggs. However, at the bachelor party Tracey reveals that he was Principal Lewis' "prison wife" after he beat another inmate. At first, the two live together in Lewis' home. Due to prison rules, he ends up becoming Stan's prison wife when Stan beats Lewis. On the day of the wedding, Riggs and Lewis end up not marrying, but Riggs punches Stan for interfering with her plans. As a result of her beating Stan, Ellen then marries Bryant under prison rules as a way to win over the public in her campaign for state comptroller. Nine months later the two have a child and Ellen wins the state comptroller election.

Tracey is voiced by J.B. Smoove.

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