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  • This is Stan and Steve's second trip to Mexico. The first was in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man".
  • Steve playing with toys contradicts "Bar Mitzvah Hustle" when he tells Snot he paid for his bar mitzvah by selling all of his toys.
  • Steve's age is reverted back to 14 after celebrating his 15th birthday in "Virtual In-Stanity".
  • Francine waxes her skis while listening to Marlene Dietrich sing "Lili Marlene".
  • At the end, Pedro waves to the camera and says, "Bye, have a beautiful time!" and gives a thumbs-up just like Security Officer Peña in the logo for the show's own "Underdog Productions".
  • Among the cars in Roger's collection is Mr. Kirkoff's Delorean time machine prior to getting the passenger door, the 1966 Batmobile, and the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from Ferris Bueler's Day Off. Roger selects a 1997 Toyota Camry.
  • The episode features the second Señor Wences reference, Roger having previously performed one of Wences' gags in "A Piñata Named Desire".
  • Steve rallies his 'troops' dressed as an X-Wing Fighter Pilot from the Star Wars series.
  • After the battle with Stan, a toy that's supposed to resemble Stretch Armstrong, talks to a toy knight and a big piggy bank that's an allusion to the Pixar Toy Story character, Hamm.
  • When Stan and Steve are about to get kidnapped, Stan's car is parked in front of "La Almeja Borracha," which is Spanish for "The Drunken Clam," which is the name of the bar in Family Guy.

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