Tommy Schuler is an old classmate of Stan's that he bumps into while buying sub sandwiches with Roger in "Into the Woods".

He recounts how they were harassed by bullies while trick-or-treating, but when Tommy needed him for backup, Stan refused to help him, and Tommy fled to some nearby woods. Stan decides to set things right, although has to take Francine along for support when Roger bails out, claiming to feeling an illness coming on. But when Stan delivers his grand apology, Tommy doesn't even remember who he is.

Undeterred, Stan decides he's going to help him regardless. Insisting that he became a loser because of him, Stan finally reminds him of their past. But when he continues to go to his sub job, Stan feels that he failed and personally escorts him around to dressing up for an executive job. But Stan's interference to try to get him more money backfires. Trying a different tack, Stan tries to re-enact their trick-or-treat night, but they are robbed by other teenage bullies. Tommy finally insists on enough, reminding Stan that he was the one who ran from the bullies originally when abandoned by Tommy, and had misremembered the event.

Unable to cope with being a loser, Stan takes the living in the woods despite Francine's efforts to bring him back. She hits on the idea of hosting a middle school reunion to prove that Stan isn't the biggest loser in the group, but Stan comes up short against his classmates. Apologizing to Tommy because he thinks he cost him his job, Tommy admits he actually owns the entire sub chain.

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