Tommie Tokes is the owner of a mysterious weed factory that Jeff Fischer wins a tour of with Stan Smith in "Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory".

After being trashed by Stan for his pot smoking, Jeff visits the Budhouse Collective to get a pack of blunt wraps and share his woes with shop keeper Dennis, who tries to cheer him up by noting several famous people who also smoke weed. While there, a news story comes in that Tommie Tokes, a noted weed distributor has hidden four golden tickets to visit his factory inside of his blunt wraps, setting off a buying flurry.

The CIA uses the contest for a massive drug bust and dreams of acquiring the "Everlasting Edible," a drug so powerful enough to give on an everlasting high. As the tickets are slowly taken by Larry, Angie and Pube Face, Jeff despairs of ever finding a winner, but he get the very last one and asks Stan to accompany him on the tour, which he sees as a chance to complete his mission to get the Edible.

As the tour progresses, the participants meet their fates. Suspecting Stan to be a narc because he refused to participate in his edible room, Tommie blends him a special joint. Ditching the tour for a time, Jeff and Stan slip into a room where they discover the Everlasting Edible, but claiming a new appreciation for marijuana, Stan refuses to take it. However, when they are the only ones left at the end of the tour, Stan is discovered with the edible, having faked being high thanks to the CIA technicians.

As punishment, Stan is nearly turned into one of Tommie's 'Snoopa Loompas', but manages to interrupt the process halfway through and is rescued by Jeff. In their attempt to flee, Jeff is forced to kill all of the Snoopa Loompas and gets Tommie to allow them to leave through a glass elevator.

Tommie is voiced by Snoop Dogg.

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