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Tim is a stranger that Steve and his friends bump into on the way to school in "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six".

As Steve tells the guys about eating tough, stringy pork the previous night at the Cheesecake Warehouse, Tim tells them that slow cooking is the way to get softer meat, angering a crowd of perverts in an alleyway at Jeff's appropriation of their dress and speech. His repeated final words to them before disappearing into the crowd is to cook the meat slowly for best results.

Steve decides to keep cooking their pork for days, leaving his friends hungry until he has a dream of their corpses reaching up to drag his elderly body into the earth after deciding that the pork had cooked long enough. However, they find that at the dinner, the twelve day-old meat gives them food poisoning and Steve suffers hallucinations of pigs, including a pair disguised as Tim.

Tim is voiced by Norman Reedus.