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Principal Lewis: Sweets, you killed my master!

Ellen Riggs: The locks on a lot of doors in this city are mulatto-baby shaped, Stan.

Stan: Stop! You can't marry this woman!
Principal Lewis: Wachoo talkin' 'bout, Stan?

Ellen Riggs: I'll marry him if he's serious. No drugs, no drinking, and a home-cooked meal with my parents two nights a week.
Stan: Agreed on the drugs and drinking, and parents dinner once a week at a restaurant. [Principal Lewis whispers to Stan] And he'd like you to give him a lefty cappuccino.
Ellen Riggs: What's that? [Principal Lewis whispers again]
Stan: It's not something you'd agree to if you knew what it was.

[Brian and Stewie from Family Guy get off a plane at Miami International Airport]
Stewardess: Welcome to Miami. Enjoy your stay.
Stewie: And now phase three: to enroll at Florida State University.
[We pull back to reveal Steve and Roger watching them on a DVD on a bus]
Steve: How did a baby and a dog get on a flight to Miami?
Roger: Guess they're not as interested in reality as we are.
Steve: Yep, we're keepin' it real. Just a boy and an alien on a bus.
Roger: A boy and an alien in a wig and magical shorts on a bus. [in high-pitched voice] SUPER RE-AL!

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