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Snot: Magic's not real. If it was, the Orlando Magic would've won a championship by now.
Steve: Snot, you follow basketball?
Snot: I watch the finals.

Steve: I've already picked out our first spell. "To Return That Which Has Been Lost."
Barry: The respect people used to have for air travel? We used to wear suits, Goddammit!

Steve: Okay, the book doesn't say to hold hands...but it doesn't say not to.

Steve: Here's a spell that cures all cancer. Hmm. [tears out the page with the spell and crumples it up] The boys at Big Pharma would not be happy if this little secret got out.

Toshi: [in Japanese] This day has been badass.
Steve: It sure has, Toshi, my friend. Hey! I understand Tosh!
Toshi: [in Japanese] Finally! Now that we can communicate, there is something I must tell you... I absolutely adore the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Steve: Oh. Cool.

Steve: We shouldn't be sitting at the worst table in the cafet...
Barry: Worst table?! It's right by the garbage and the bathrooms! What is wrong with you?

Snot: We used the book, and it worked. But then all the power went straight to Steve's head.
Roger: When you're older, I'll show you where all the power goes straight to on me.

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