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  • Stan states that Hayley will be unable to have children because of the vacation goo.
  • The song "Stop!" by Jane's Addiction plays during the hunt sequence.
  • The arcade game Klaus plays at the end of the episode is Tempest.
  • One of the hunters resembles Kraven The Hunter.
  • Mr. PiBB is mentioned and drunk in this episode, despite that production has ceased in favor of PiBB Xtra which was a plot point in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial".
  • When Francine is surprised that Steve is dating Becky, she says "Now a thin girl is crazy for Steve?". This is a nod to Steve's overweight girlfriend Debbie.
  • Roger auditions for parts on Ghost Whisperer and Medium, with the writing being identical, though Roger insists that the latter is "more complex".
  • When Steve says that he wants to vacation at Graceland, Stan refers to Elvis as "a fat man who died on the toilet" and suggests that Steve visit his Aunt Mary instead.
  • Roger mentions to Eddie in Puerto Rico that he once worked with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
  • This is the second episode to have reference to The Most Dangerous Game; the first was "Bullocks To Stan".
  • Steve notes that, while he likes the Berenstein Bears, he would not want one of them to marry his daughter.
  • According to this episode, Stan never took his family on vacation ever in his life, because his idea of a vacation is away from his family. Francine states that is the first real vacation the family took together. Apart from the following exceptions:
Stan and Francine’s honeymoon twenty years prior to the series.
This real cruise vacation in this episode.
Steve’s summer camp in "Camp Refoogee".
Stan and Francine’s Safari trip in Africa in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever".
Betty Smith’s and Hercules’s honeymoon with Stan and Francine joining them in "Oedipal Panties".
Steve and Hayley’s summer vacations in "Brains, Brains and Automobiles".

All of the Smiths’ previous vacations have always been in the goo chambers, including this episode’s fake Maui one, the fake skiing one and the fake Italy one, along with the one in "Irregarding Steve", where the Smiths didn't really go on vacation; Stan didn’t take Francine and Hayley on vacation, but just put them in the goo chambers, programmed the vacation they 'said' they would take and ditched them to spend Steve’s college money all on himself in the real world, while the upset girls were having goo chambers memories as usual. These goo chambers not only put you anywhere, it can affect your mind and make you go out of character compared to the real world. But the Smiths prefer the fake vacations rather than real ones, like when Hayley said ‘I miss the goo’ and Francine suspects the goo when real everything seemed to be too good to be true.

  • When Roger lands a job on the cruise ship, he sings a recreation of Xanadu, the title song from the film as a tribute to Olivia Newton-John.
  • According to the DVD commentary, this episode was pushed back because of the Virginia Tech shooting. There was a harmless scene where Stan and Klaus were in VTech attire and were rooting for the Hokies. This was later changed to Georgetown University to avoid stirring up any unintentional bad feelings.

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