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Unbrave One1
  • Hayley does not appear in this episode but is heard offscreen.
  • The promo image for the episode shows a confederate flag in the rear window of the truck during the explosion. This was removed for the broadcast version.
    • Also in the promo image, the gas station sign is positioned at an angle, while in the broadcast version, the sign is aligned to the viewer.
  • Director Joe Daniello appears extensively as the videographer with the transvestite. The transvestite was seen in "Stan's Night Out" as Jackson's date.
  • The monument to the victims of the "Great Bus Crash of 2010" is a nod to the events in "100 A.D.".
  • Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy makes a cameo at the end credits.
  • "Dr. Vadgers" e-mail address is "".
  • A Pixar Luxo Ball appears during the movie Stan and Steve see.
  • Roger edits for Tyler Perry's movies.
  • Stan's vasectomy from "Iced, Iced Babies" is mentioned.
  • Roger mentions Rhea Perlman, who became a guest star on the show in "Finger Lenting Good".
  • The plane Sully Sullenberger lands in the Smiths' pool is a Culver Model V, and the FAA registration number on the side belongs to a real plane of that make and model that was once owned by American Dad! animation director Ron Hughart's father.[1]
  • Stan tried to use the film Miracle about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team to Brett Morris as proof of God's existence in Kurt Russell's career in "Dope & Faith". The same movie poster appears outside of the movie theater here.
  • Francine mentions that Steve is almost 15.
  • Greg and Terry's doorbell plays "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes, which is also sung at the end of the episode.

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