The Talented Mr. Dingleberry

The Talented Mr. Dingleberry
Roger pretends to be Steve's marionette for the school talent show.

Season: 12 Episode: 21
Total Episode Count: 233
Prod. no.: BAJN16
First Aired: September 4, 2017

Featuring: Roger, Steve
Also Appearing: Francine, Stan, Hayley, Klaus, Snot, Toshi, Barry, Vince Chung, Pandora, Principal Lewis, Greg Corbin, Hideki Yoshida, Akiko, Keith Benson, Dennis, Bobby, Exmack, Lindsay Coolidge, Shelly Maxwell, Kim, Courtney, Marty Nipples, Peter, Brigid Hendricks, Beth, A.J. Slick, Carla Cannoli, Tyler & Marcus, Dennis, Mr. Doodles, Robert Wuhl, Rip Taylor, Flip Wilson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Charo, Kaye Ballard, Ruth Buzzi, Tiny Tim, Paul Lynde
Director: Tim Parsons, Jennifer Graves

Writers: Jeff Kauffmann
Storyboarders: Lauren Andrews, Oreste Canestrelli, Rozlynn Waltz

Roger's Disguise: Buck Wetnap from "Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence"


During tryouts for the school talent show, Principal Lewis' frustration with poor acts causes a reduction in redundant acts and things are exacerbated when Steve's rival sabotages his singing. Roger calls to him from a vent in the house where he was trapped chasing a dropped piece of Skittles candy and offers to help him put together a ventriloquism act. The tryouts go well, but after an overweight tumbler breaks her leg in a bicycle accident, Roger's demeanor changes to one of menace towards the other contestants. When Steve's singing rival insults him, Roger appears with him in a darkened weight room. After he abuses the 'doll' further, Roger secures the door and drops a barbell on his throat, crushing his larynx.


When Principal Lewis returns Roger to Steve, he seeks reassurance that he didn't have anything to do with the 'accident' but doesn't receive a straight answer. He traps Barry in a sauna and ruins his speed hot dog eating skills, but when Steve tries to confront him, he finds that Roger has entered a catatonic state. He further finds that his former ventriloquism partner was locked away in an asylum for murders caused by Roger while appearing on Hollywood Squares. The old man's rantings lead him to discover that the makeup used to simulate his wooden appearance is causing the psychosis, but when he sets out to take it off, Roger attacks him and injects him with a paralyzing agent. Steve recovers backstage at the show, unable to move. Roger points out that he was executing Steve's own desires to win, and as he tries to protest, is bound further with tape to prevent giving away the act. Roger wows the audience and Steve's attempt to send Morse code to a rejected contender fails due to not knowing the code.


Meanwhile, Francine's allergies lead Hayley to suggest honey and Stan and Klaus join in to make it a business opportunity rather than seeking medical help. But when their bees arrive, they find that Stan loaded the hive with wasps in order to toughen them up and they are all killed instead. When a wasp stings Francine, she starts to have an allergic reaction but Stan nixes the idea of seeking professional help again and they go along with it.

The family enjoys the ventriloquist act despite Francine being horribly swollen from a reaction to the sting. As Roger drags Steve backstage, Snot passes them by with his escape act tank and Roger realizes that his work isn't finished. He starts out to keep Snot from escaping the tank. Steve summons the strength to tear off his gag but Roger locks him in a trunk. As Snot starts his act, Steve recalls his works about keeping a bobby pin handy and it just so happens that he has one in his hair. As Roger jams the tank closed with a broom handle, he uses it to pick the lock and drags himself to the stage, his legs still useless. As Roger taunts his inability to stop him, he gets him to shoot him by angering him by calling him a dummy. The bullet passes through Steve and shatters the tank, the water in the tank washing off the makeup and returning Roger to his senses. He realizes he had shot Steve and sticks his finger in the wound to be sure before dragging him away. Back home, Roger realizes why he gave up the character and locks the makeup back in his closet with a label not to ever use again. But after he shuts the door, the label falls off and joins other similar warnings in the bottom of his closet.

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