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  • Brian Boyle reported at the 2014 New York Comic Con that Stan's near-death escape is based on his own father's similar experience.[1]
  • Roger wears his "Miles Raymond" disguise, originally used in "Merlot Down Dirty Shame".
  • The meter maid figure is called Rita; The Beatles' recorded a song titled "Lovely Rita" with the opening line "Lovely Rita, meter maid".
  • The locomotive tender on the model train bears the number A113.
  • Stan mentions Back to the Future after originally claiming not to be familiar with the film in "Delorean Story-an".
  • Steve notes that the episode is set in July when Stan offers to take them ice skating on his model.
  • Dr. Ray's full professional name comes out as "Shrink Ray Petit", the last name being similar to "petite," another word for small.
  • During Stan and Francine's train ride, they pass a crime scene with a decapitated figure in a thong.
  • Stan expresses concern that Welcome to the Dollhouse in his theater is not what he expected. The film contains many adult themes, including rape, pedophilia and alcoholism.
  • "The Man Who Built the World in His Basement" is set to the melody of the 19th century English parlor tune, "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo".[2]

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