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The Royal Motel is where Stan tries to place a microphone on a mission while posing as a woman in a fantasy of Francine's in "Widow's Pique".

In the fantasy, Stan dances in the motel before an enemy agent in an attempt to place a microphone. Passionately kissing his target to speed things up by getting him to swallow it, his cover is blown when a tape recorder with a female filling in for his voice is heard conversing with him and he leaps from the motel's upper level, crashing into the ground.

In "My Purity Ball and Chain", Stan reveals that his own father, Jack Smith, taught him about sex by forcing him to watch him service a prostitute at the motel.

In "Stompe le Monde", seedy businessman Jimmy manages to pull Stan away from planning a family trip to New York at Costgo to his 'office' at The Royal Motel and convinces him to buy the North American rights to an Off-Broadway play called Stomp.

Jeff and Roger stay at the motel between stripping gigs where, under Roger's instruction, Jeff does not take off his clothes in "Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper’s Story". Roger awakens one night and finds that Jeff has been stripping the traditional way at a nearby club.

Stan and Francine stay at The Royal Motel when they spend a night out of town in "Salute Your Sllort". Before leaving the motel, Francine decides to vandalize the room by placing the towels in the toilet and leaving the water running.

As Stan wallows in sorrow after losing Piper to the CIA in "Russian Doll", he hallucinates the motel room's amenities giving him a plan to rescue her.

Steve briefly sees the Royal Motel while having an out-of-body experience in "The Wondercabinet".