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Family Guy klaus
  • Klaus heads off to "school" in full Family Guy regalia.
  • Erik Durbin replaced Donald Fullilove as the voice of Reginald starting in this episode
  • Steve seems to have gotten over Stan ruining his chances of sleeping with Jeanine Winthrop in "A Jones for a Smith".
  • The attempted depiction of the Union Jack is inaccurate, specifically the diagonals representing the crosses of Saint Andrew and Saint Patrick are badly drawn.
  • Tanqueray from "G-String Circus" walks out of the hotel elevator when Stan and Roger arrive.
  • Roger claims the steroids is 'why his penis is so small', yet in numerous other episodes such as "The One That Got Away" and "Jenny Fromdabloc", he has no genitals at all.
  • Shaggy's "Boombastic" plays during the concert.
  • Rachael MacFarlane reported in 2017 that Chex LeMeneux was her favorite of Roger's personas.[1]

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