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"The Perfect Gift" is sung by Hayley while window shopping with Klaus in "Minstrel Krampus". When she discovers the perfect family gift of a tin of three flavor popcorn, she finds she needs money to buy it. She finds herself back at Roger's Place to ask for a job where Roger cuts off her singing.


Klaus: So Hayley, you decided what to get the family for Christmas?

Hayley: Uh, no. Not yet.

It must be the perfect thing for a family so loving

A gift that's from above

Klaus: A gift that's full of love

Hayley: It's the perfect thing, can't you see

A tub of popcorns three

Caramel for mom

Salted for dad

And a hearty cheese for Steve

Roger, oh Roger

I hate to be a bother

But I need some money for a gift

This gift you see, is a tub of popcorns three

Roger: Uh, uh. Just stop. Stop. Just tell me what you want.