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  • For the first time since it debuted, Family Guy finally briefly crosses over with American Dad!. Brian Griffin makes a brief cameo appearance. His one line, "Do I know you?" is a reference to the episode "Brian: Portrait of a Dog".
  • Stan's self addressed envelope for jury summons shows his house number to be "43 Cherry Street", part of a number of conflicting addresses for the Smith home.
  • Francine reveals that every member of the Smith family masturbates on Steve's bed.
  • Francine tries to trade Ron Artest for Dirk Nowitzki on Stan's fantasy Basketball team.
  • After the jury announces Roger as guilty, Stan starts singing "I Fought the Law" by Bobby Fuller.
  • When the prosecutor falls of his chair laughing, you can see a woman behind him wearing a blue sweater with a Ladybug broach, the symbol of the group of women from "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives".

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