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  • The swimsuit calendar of God from "Roger Codger" appears in Mr. McCreary's office.
  • "Pennsylvania 6-5000", originally by Glenn Miller, is the music that plays in Sidney's bedroom.
  • Sidney sings "The Lord Is Good to Me" from the Johnny Appleseed segment in the Disney animated film Melody Time. When Roger calls to threaten him, Sydney wonders if it is a dyslexic person angry at Disney.
  • Roger hums the tune from Karate Kid II, The Obon Dance song that Tamara Tomita is humming while she teaches Daniel on the bridge.
  • McCreary Bibles is named after writer Laura McCreary.
  • Roger uses a white iPhone prominently throughout the entire episode.
  • When Roger first wakes up as Sydney, he holds up a picture of Judy and she has a prominent dark mark to the left of her nose. When seen in real life, there is no mark on her face.

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