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The One That Got Away
Roger gets his multiple personalities confused.

Season: 4 Episode: 2
Total Episode Count: 60
Prod. no.: 3AJN16
First Aired: October 5, 2008

Featuring: Roger
Also Appearing: Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley, Klaus, Tom W., Judy Panawitz, Mr. Stashwyk, Mr. McCreary, Mr. Billdocker, Marsha, Lennox, Hildegarde & Jebadiah, God
Musical Numbers: The Lord Is Good to Me

Director: Tim Parsons
Assistant Director: Jennifer Graves
Writers: Chris McKenna, Matt McKenna
Storyboarders: Erik Kuska, Steve Wong

Roger's Disguise: Jamaican Rastafarian from "Francine's Flashback"

Plot: When Roger returns home, the Smiths chastises him for taking things from them and disappearing all day in one of his persona's, which they presume to be an inferiority complex. Afterwards, he discovers that someone has maxed out his credit card, he is certain it is identify theft and is determined to bring down the crook. He finds the crook to be Sidney Huffman, a lovable bible maker. After playing "Death Wish" for a few days and dishing out some street justice, he goes to Sidney's apartment to torch it. However, as he is pouring out gasoline, Roger finds a picture of Sidney and discovers that he is Sidney.


A flashback turns to Sidney, who was enjoying his life but finds that Roger had been misprinting Bibles (transvestites who poop mozzarella dinosaurs), destroyed (and raped) his garden and told his department store salesgirl girlfriend Judy Panawitz that he has diseases. Sidney knew there was only one way to get rid of Roger and order a hit on him. At that moment, Roger is nearly killed by the hitman hired by Sidney. Klaus advises Roger to pretend to be Sidney and call off the hit. But the hitman requires the password just in case Sidney wanted to call it off so Roger goes to Judy to ask about his favorite words. Unfortunately, the hitman comes in with his daughters and spots Roger. He hides in a change room, overhearing that the hitman is threatening to kill Judy. Roger thinks to abandon her when Sidney appears in a mirror, who chastises Roger. Roger then begs his alter ego to give him the password but Sidney refuses to so, seeing that Roger needs to pay.

Got Away 2

Roger informs Sidney that they are one and the same, showing the black gloves that were separated, which Sidney remembers is when he met Judy. Roger then remembers everything. He wanted a pair of black gloves so badly that he pretended to be a sober person to get close to Judy's key to a case. After buying a necklace which cost much more than the pair of gloves, he snatched the key and got the gloves but the manager blamed Judy for losing it. Roger then snaps and become Sidney and saves her career, developing a split personality in the process as he was unaware of being Sidney until the beginning of the episode. Sidney gives Roger the password, which is "Password 1". Roger then stabs Sidney (who comes out of the mirror) and throws away his girlfriend. But seeing her cry, he decides to stick with her. Roger than tells Judy that he's a drunk and that he has no genitals, and then she tells him that "she" has both sexual reproductive organs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Smith family gets sucked into a mean game of Simon, while Klaus feels ignored. Unfortunately, they get addicted to it, not moving except to touch the pieces and eventually find themselves sitting in stains of week-old urine. This forces Klaus to use a smoke bomb to make it disappear, along with himself (something that Roger has tried repeatedly throughout the episode, only to fall asleep each time). The Smith family is overjoyed that Klaus has freed them from the "spell". Another puff of smoke appears, revealing a strange sea creature that Klaus slays from the inside with a sword. Klaus claims to have been gone for sixty years from his perspective, and that he was crowned king of whatever place it was he had transported to.

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