The Mural of the Story
Stan restores the town mural after it is vandalized.

Season: 13 Episode: 05
Total Episode Count: 239
Prod. no.: CAJN04
First Aired: March 5, 2018

Featuring: Stan, Hayley
Also Appearing: Francine, Roger, Steve, Klaus, Jeff, Mayor Woodside, Al Tuttle, Marvin, Mrs. Lonstein, Principal Lewis, Matt Weitzman, Memphis Stormfront, Tom, Trey, Buckle, Parker, Claude Verdeer, Gumdrop, Dwayne Schneider, The cast of The Sopranos, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Nolan Ryan
Musical Numbers: Backseat Shuffle

Director: Josue Cervantes

Assistant Director: John O'Day
Writers: Jeff Kauffmann
Storyboarders: Dante Fabiero, Gerard Galang, Valentino So

Roger's Disguise: D'el Taco clerk from "A Nice Night For a Drive"

The Mural of the Story

After fetching Hayley back from a restaurant he refuses to do business with, Stan discovers that the Langley Falls historical mural has been ruined by graffiti and tries to organize a task force at City Hall to restore it, using Hayley as an example of the type of kids that needs its inspirational message. But when they blow their budget on a dinner, he takes on the job himself and botches the job. However, Hayley is blamed for it and the town turns against her, with Stan refusing to come clean about his actions. To help her in private, he first tries to hide her away in the garage and then alter her face, butchering her in the process. When she tries to run away in his SUV, she is struck by a semi.


At the hospital, Hayley's doctor reports that she is in a "super coma," but Klaus later finds that Hayley is really the doctor with a completely new look, having mistaken her for only being a nurse trying to pose as a doctor. She reveals that she had one of the CIA doctors give her a new look and used Jeff as a stand-in for herself at the hospital. Vowing revenge on Stan for disfiguring her, she finds that he has undertaken the mural again and decides to blow it up with help from Klaus. But when he unveils it, she finds it is an elaborate confession from Stan to the town of how he ruined it and let her take the blame. She calls off the revenge and bonds again with Stan, but rather than let his confession stand for all-time, they blow it up together, taking out the auto parts store it was painted on.


Meanwhile, Steve joins a clown school, but finds out that Roger is in charge. He uses mind games and abuse on Steve, leading him to believe he could perform at his exclusive getaway retreat, but reveals it was only a way to motivate a student he liked better. Steve calls the North American Federating of Clowning Academics board to report him for hitting him and gets his clown teaching license revoked. Flash forward twenty years later where Steve is a professor at the University of Berkeley. He sees a clown with a bulbous head and, thinking it is Roger, starts to leave a tip until he realizes it isn't him. Withdrawing the tip, he starts to back away and finds the real Roger posing as an It-style clown in the sewers, vowing revenge. But when he is unable to get out by himself, Steve walks away.

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