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The Most Adequate Christmas Ever
Stan finds that his family has decked the halls with boughs of holly, but just not to his satisfaction.

Season: 3 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 50
Prod. no.: 3AJN12
First Aired: December 16, 2007

Featuring: Stan Smith, Michelle
Also Appearing: Francine, Steve, Hayley, Roger, Klaus, Scott LaRose, Chris, St. Peter, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Kermit the Frog, Jim Henson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Musical Numbers: God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen, Oh Christmas Tree, Jingle to the Bell

Director: John Aoshima

Assistant Director: Kurt Dumas
Writers: Jim Bernstein
Storyboarders: Rick Del Carmen, Erik Kuska, Bao Nguyen, Steve Wong

Newspaper Headline: Bear Market Suggests Investing In Salmon


After Stan comes home from another dangerous mission, he finds that his family has decked the halls with boughs of holly and donned themselves with gay apparel, but just not to his satisfaction. He demands a grander Christmas starting with the search of a bigger and better tree in the forest. When his family has had enough, Stan powers on by himself, finds the perfect tree and meets an untimely end when it falls on him.

His soul ends up in Limbo, where an ice cream man tells him that he will get a ride to either Heaven or Hell. However, Stan believes that it's not his time and demands a second chance. Reluctantly, the ice cream man takes him to a courthouse where he can prove he deserves one. Unfortunately, Stan is assigned to Michelle, a lawyer who has a bad relationship with her father, the judge, and didn't earn her wings. The prosecution is Scott LaRose, who has won many cases, allowing him to become smaller and cuter. Scott proves that Stan does not deserve a second chance because of his stubborn and arrogant ego, as evidenced when he took a pregnant Francine to Africa against their doctor's advice; a baboon help her give birth to Hayley. Michelle tries exonerating Stan by showing him accepting Steve's advice to give his kidney to a homeless man. However, Scott shows the rest of the clip, revealing that it was all a dream. Stan's appeal for resurrection is denied. Worse, Michelle informs him that his family, except Roger, will die of hypothermia because he took the car keys.


With the court refusing to at least help his family, Stan pulls out his gun, only to learn that Earthly weapons have no power in Limbo. Therefore, he grabs a Heaven gun, which can kill anyone and kidnaps Michelle to takes him directly to God. Stealing a chariot and evading the Archangels, they make it to Heaven. Michelle tries sneaking Stan in as a German man but when he speaks English, it rouses St. Peter's suspicions. When it seemed like Michelle turns on Stan, she knocks out St. Peter to help Stan. They then sneak into God's mansion, where Jesus is having his annual birthday. While Michelle mingles amongst the crowd, having never received an invitation.


Stan eventually finds God's study and pleads Him to save his family. God refuses his plea, so Stan puts the Heaven gun to his head. God asks Stan if he knows better than the Almighty, to which Stan admits that he doesn't and consents to God's judgement. God then reveals that this was all a test for Stan to show some humility and agrees to send him back to Earth, all because it's Jesus' birthday. Stan thanks God, before requesting that He give Michelle her wings in gratitude. Then suddenly, God then takes the Heaven gun and shoots Stan in the head. Next thing he knows, Stan is back at the beginning of the episode. Using the lessons he's learned in Limbo, Stan agrees with his family that all their decorations are perfect. As the Smith family hugs, Roger notices Michelle fly down to watch.

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