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  • The title refers to the phrase "The missing link", a connection between prehistoric apes and modern man, as well as describing sexual fetishes as "kink" or "kinky".
  • The "Missionary Accomplished" banner is a reference to the banner at George W. Bush's controversial 2003 Mission Accomplished speech.
  • The refrain from "He's Got a Kink" is similar in tone to "You've Got a Dream" from the Disney film, Tangled.
  • Linda Memari appears as slave Princess Leia to Al Tuttle's Jabba the Hutt during "He's Got a Kink".
  • Also during "He's Got a Kink", Stan sings of when "Carradine turned blue," referring to actor David Carradine's suffocation death believed to be due to autoerotic asphyxiation which was ruled an accident.[1]

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