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  • In the opening credits, Roger's usual "Good Morning USA" line is muffled by his costume.
  • The PTC named this episode to their worst show of the week list and started a campaign to complain to the FCC as part of a preemptive action to head off a relaxation in FCC rules. In the process, they got numerous details about the show and episode wrong.[1]
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Spank" plays during the montage.
  • Midget Assassin is seen when Stan and Francine are having their "kinky" sex at the end. However, Midget Assassin was killed by Francine in "License to Till".
  • LAX airport being 'Dadded' is a running joke first used in "American Stepdad".
  • In the first scene with Francine in Roger's Place, he has 6 tap handles in the back of the bar. During the second scene with Stan, he has only 3, and in the front. In the third scene with Francine again, the 6 have returned to the back of the bar.
  • Stan mentions that God is his favorite author while holding up a Bible. In reality, the Bible was written by several men spanning thousands of years.

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