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  • The episode was originally scheduled to air on April 22, 2007, but was pulled in light of the Virginia Tech shooting.
  • This is one of the first episodes we see Roger showing interest in human women as previously Roger had only shown an interest in males in "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" and "Roger 'n' Me".
  • Roger later developed a real crush on Hayley in "Love, American Dad Style".
  • The boy's gym trophies have the figure of Freddie Mercury of the band Queen on top.
  • This was the one time we see Barry find a non-medication form of dealing with his "dark side."
  • This is the first time we see Francine exercise at home, most often then not she is always seen cleaning and doing laundry.
  • This is also the first time we see Francine in her workout leotard. She would later wear it in the beginning of "Shallow Vows".
  • Steve reports that Snot's mom has a wooden foot.
  • When Stan wakes the boys up and shows them the Smith "ranch," Barry is sleeping in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag, while Snot appears to be using a bra as a sleep mask.
  • According to the episode's commentary, to animate horses trotting, the staff had the assistant director for this episode, Anthony Agrusa, take a video of horses and transfer it to animation.

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