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The Hotel Ritchey is where Stan intends to carry out the assassination of a Belgian terrorist in "Cock of the Sleepwalk".

But due to his "good" side determined that Stan should never kill again, Stan is forced to rely on going without sleep for many hours at a time. In an effort to defeat his good side, Stan handcuffs himself to the hotel bed for a short nap and arranges to have the key brought to him. When he awakes to recover the key, he discovers the room is in shambles from his good side's efforts in leaving the room. Pleased with himself, Stan proceeds to carry out the assassination attempt, only to find that his good side has replaced all of his bullets with gummy bears from the hotel mini bar and left Stan's expense funds as payment.

Roger is the keynote speaker of the Emerging Titans of Industry Corporate Synergyfest at a different Hotel Ritchey in "Roger Passes the Bar".