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  • This is American Dad!'s 150th broadcast episode.
  • This episode was originally titled "Dementor" in production.
  • Hayley and Klaus do not appear.
  • Lanceton Ice Factory is again used for kidnapping. In "Frannie 911", Francine used it to fake Roger's kidnapping, and in "Love, American Dad Style", when Roger kidnaps Hayley.
  • When Stan wears his dog costume, he wears a collar like Brian Griffin's, and his bark is the same as well.
  • A dog resembling Freddy, another one resembling Heath Ledger and a cat resembling Simon are seen at the SPCA. The cat that Stan chases has a different tail than Simon.
  • Bullock plays Midnight Oil's "Beds Are Burning" on the sub.
  • Bullock and Stan criticize the Christopher Nolan Batman films, claiming he is blowing the franchise.
  • When Roger is working on a model airplane, a model of the Serenity from the television show Firefly can be seen hanging in the background.
  • In real life, Kevin Costner does indeed have a brother named Dan.

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