The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba
Roger becomes a bogus guru.

Season: 12 Episode: 03
Total Episode Count: 215
Prod. no.: BAJN03
First Aired: November 21, 2016

Featuring: Roger, Hayley
Also Appearing: Stan, Steve, Francine, Klaus, Jeff, Gina & Chad, Shawn Ian Kirkoff, Exmack, Miles, Molly, Trish and Suze, Taz, Curtis Stone, Nadia, Haruki, Hisashi, Lawrence, Alan, Nathan, Burko, Dave
Director: Shawn Murray

Assistant Director: Dante Fabiero
Writers: Joe Chandler, Nic Wegener
Storyboarders: Oreste Canestrelli, Brian Mainolfi

Roger's Disguise: Cowgirl from "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six"


When one of his supermodel personas is dumped after becoming too old, Roger goes into a deep funk. Hayley tries to cheer him up by introducing him to her yoga class. He quickly takes over the class and fashions himself into a guru and adopts the name of Ragi-Baba. Hayley tries to expose him as a fraud by comparing his model persona with his current one on Morning Mimosa, only to be shot down. However, Roger takes the opportunity to escape further scrutiny by going on a "meditation retreat" in the mountains.


Setting off with Jeff to find him, they discover that Ragi-Town, a self-sustaining village, has sprung up around him. To escape, he decides to poison his followers and when Hayley tries to stop him, he knocks her out and has Jeff aid him in preparing the poison while she is tied up. Discovering that he disbelieves in the meditation, she convinces him to give it an honest effort and they achieve Nirvana together. But when he finds out that he cannot participate in earthly delights, he returns with Hayley, finding out that she was only allowed to tag along due to Roger.

The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba

Meanwhile, Francine tries to get Stan and Steve to try new foods and takes them out for sushi. They are skeptical at first, but as she steps away to see if one of the Japanese staff can fix her music player, they find they enjoy the food immensely. Their compliments to the chef inspire him to take them on as his apprentices, much to the dismay of his son to whom he has refused to share his secrets with. He teaches the pair about the treatment of rice and buying rotting fish to turn out proper sushi. He rewards their successful efforts by turning over his restaurant to them, again to the dismay of his son who had hoped to have it. He finds himself uncomfortably in their employment as they at first assure him that they will be happy to continue to have him, only to fire him shortly after. Francine returns angry that they had been occupied for weeks learning the craft of sushi while she was away.

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