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The Dentist's Wife
Roger falls for a dentist's wife.

Season: 11 Episode: 12
Total Episode Count: 202
Prod. no.: AAJN12
First Aired: April 18, 2016

Featuring: Roger
Also Appearing: Francine, Klaus, Stan, Steve, Hayley, Jeff, Danny, Casey, Marvin, Meredith Fields, Jerry Fields, Trey, Sandra
Director: Joe Daniello

Assistant Director: Patrick Kochakji
Writers: Charles Suozzi
Storyboarders: Eric Fredrickson, Mary Hoffman, Frank Jen

Roger's Disguise: Regina/Ramona from "The Longest Distance Relationship"


At a shopping plaza, Francine complains about being stressed to Roger's annoyance when they spy Meredith, a well-to-do dentist's wife. Roger decides to impress her with his female persona, but is mistaken for a waitress. The event sends him into shock but he recovers enough to find out that he really does work as a waitress. He returns home to find a new persona that will impress her and when he isn't satisfied with his closet contents, heads to his own persona factory with Francine in tow to create a new persona. As Meredith hosts a book club meeting, Roger debuts his new persona and backstory, impressing the women present, but his attempt to fake his way through Little Women results in blowing his cover so he returns to his factory in frustration. Using a flamethrower, he destroys his entire collection and vows to live a boring life as just himself. Francine refuses to allow him to be seen as an alien so he rides home in her car trunk.


As he cries in the trunk, she suggests he put on an emergency poncho and sit up front with her. They stop for coffee, where he finds a flier for Meredith's charity gala and decides to volunteer. Meredith approves of the new Roger so he starts to become just like her at her suggestion to be anyone he wants. He begins to confuse himself with the real Meredith, making himself at her home until she catches him. She tries to kick him out but he accidentally knocks her out. Trying to continue his emulation of her, he knocks himself out as well. Francine arrives at the home as Roger has fully adapted himself as Meredith, even fooling her husband as he has placed the real Meredith on a barge. Francine vows to stop him so he sends her off on a barge as well. Francine and Meredith meet and set off to stop Roger at the gala. As Roger takes the stage, Francine and the real Meredith arrive with the police in tow, forcing him to flee. He leaps off a cliff to escape, which knocks some sense back into him although he regrets giving up on being a “real” person. Francine sets him straight that he is real on his own, warts and all.


Meanwhile, Stan and the kids return from a workout, leaving Klaus out of their camaraderie. But after a nap, they find they have all worked themselves stiff, and Klaus sets out to enjoy himself with them unable to stop him. He blares his favorite songs at high bass and tries to host a party, although no one wants to come. He invites a group of perverts from Craigslist and they make themselves at home with the Smiths. The Smiths surrender just as their workout coach bursts in clearing the house, having come searching for them after they failed to show up for their second workout.

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