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  • The raccoon from "Francine's Flashback" appears to encourage Stan to regain his memory.
  • Although the newspaper distribution building reads "Langley Falls Daily News", Roger and Steve are given papers for the Daily Mail.
  • "(Rock) Superstar" by Cypress Hill plays while Steve and Roger deliver the papers and run their scams.
  • Stan sings "Takin' Care of Business" along with Bachman–Turner Overdrive in Pizza Overlord.
  • Klaus reveals that he writes lurid fiction about Stan and Francine. When Klaus shows Francine his novel, his name is 'Klaus Heisler' but his last name in reality has two S's. His book is published by Goldfish Press.
  • Hayley washing her multiple headbands is a nod to cartoon characters always wearing the same clothes.
  • The 'We Deliver!' logo is in similar fashion to the American Dad! logo.

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