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  • Paul Engemann's "Scarface (Push It to the Limit)" plays when Roger exercises.
  • Roger bought Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s Oscar, which he won for Jerry Maguire; Stan names the film as Show Me the Money.
  • Roger thinks that bowling is gross, and likes fruit leather, but tells people he doesn't.
  • A musical cue in the episode copies a similar cue from the Indiana Jones franchise.
  • Snot had previously shown interest in Francine in "Moon Over Isla Island" but Toshi and Barry are also titillated by Stan's sex talk about Francine.
  • Roger tells Francine that the language spoken by the fake tribe is called "sdrawkcab", which is the word "backwards" in reverse. The first phrase spoken by the fake tribe is the words "Blonde", then "hair" backwards.
  • Snot's father ran away from his family five years previously on a trip to Home Depot.
  • The place holding Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s funeral is called St. Hughart D'Asissi, named after supervising director Ron Hughart.

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