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Tetradual Inc

Tetradual Inc. is A company that pops up often in American Dad!, often behind dubious practices.

In "Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam", Steve discovers Tetradual Inc. is responsible for water pollution in Nevada. When a woman arrives to plead with Roger to return to Nevada to come to their aid, he is forced to explain to Steve about his persona of Burt Jarvis, who successfully ran for office to clean up the water, but dumped the job after he discovered it didn't include free drinks at Nevada buffets. Steve convinces him to return, and locates the source of the pollution at the Nevada Hall of Records. They arrive to take pictures of the flagrant toxic waste, but also discover that another of Roger's personas is the CEO. Roger forces the shut down of the facility to keep his political promise, but dumps his re-election campaign as Tetradual was his only contributor. His CEO persona sets out to start a new company, Octadual Inc. and throws it's weight behind Big John Tanner, another significant legislator.

Tetradual Inc. supports the campaign of Vincent Thacker in "Father's Daze" in exchange for illegal dumping.

A Tetradual subsidiary, Tetradual Borax Co. appears in "The Future is Borax". It's also a subsidiary of Fung Wah Holdings International.

A formaldehyde leak at 'Octadual' taints the drinking water in Langley Falls in "Steve's Franken Out".

The CEO of 'Octadual' buys the Danish dentist house in "Langley Dollar Listings".