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  • During the passing year that Francine and Stan were in Prague, Steve and Roger were living it up back at home where on two separate occasions they are seen smoking cigar pipes and Steve is seen sporting muttonchops. These are the exact identical habits that Stan had developed while hanging out with George Clooney, evidence of his influence. Also, when Stan and George arrive at the bar for George's first date with Francine, there is a zoom-in shot of several people smoking tobacco pipes, a reference to Clooney's earlier statement about bringing pipes back.
  • Frank Sinatra's song "I've Got You Under My Skin" plays during Francine's seduction montage, it is sung by Seth MacFarlane.
  • In this episode, it is also noticed that Stan has got so seduced by Clooney that he even put aside his religious beliefs that where made clear in "When a Stan Loves a Woman" where he would not cheat on Francine despite the circumstance; however, he had gave Francine permission to do so if it meant he could remain close friends with Clooney.
  • Clooney never actually appeared in any episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, but did make a brief appearance in the sitcom The Golden Girls.
  • After Francine mopes about her dream of becoming an actress Stan says "I thought your dream was to own a muffin kiosk. Whatever happened to that?" referring to the events of "Finances With Wolves", indicating that Stan is aware of the previous timelines.
  • A bumper sticker on Stan's car reads "Cheney-Quayle '08".
  • The container with Clooney's friends is shipped with the "S.S. Dankiewicz", a nod to the show's animator/background designer Thomas 'Tom' Dankiewicz.
  • In "Roger Codger", Hayley considered God to be fake, but still attended church services with her family. Here, she makes a promise to him should she survive.
  • When George says "entrare" to Stan, he should have said "entra", as the Italian imperative form doesn't use the infinitive of the verb, unlike English.
  • During the episode, it is claimed that George Clooney never marries. In 2014, the real life Clooney married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

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